Updated 6/26/24

Likely Democratic primary voters outside the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield media markets should read that Mike Hamra is a different kind of business leader who takes care of his workers and is a strong supporter of abortion rights. He’ll be a different kind of Governor for Missouri.

Mike is an innovative business leader who runs his family business by putting workers first.

  • He supports the nearly 2,000 workers he employs in Missouri by helping them get ahead — assisting them in purchasing their first homes, tuition reimbursement, compensates student employees who earn good grades, and provides health care and retirement benefits.

Mike is a strong supporter of abortion rights.

  • Mike supports the ballot measure that will restore abortion rights in Missouri
  • As governor, he would veto Republican attempts to criminalize women seeking abortions.

“Being a mom of 5 children, balancing family and work is hard – but going to work for Hamra Enterprises has helped me live the life I never dreamed I could achieve. Mike and his team have supported me and has given me an opportunity to grow in my career and earn a good living for my family. Mike implemented a program that helped us buy our first home, allowing us to achieve the American dream. Mike has built a different kind of company and he will be a different kind of Governor. He puts people over profits and I find that so refreshing. He is exactly what Missouri needs.”


“Never has a company invested in me the way Hamra has. Mike has built a workplace that has helped me grow in my professional life, but has also helped me become a better father. Mike has a unique approach to business that’s worked for the business and for his workers. He grew his company not by maximizing profits above all else – he did it by investing in people – that’s clearly his number one priority. They have given me the support and the space to become my best self and the best leader I can be. Working for Hamra, I feel like I’m part of more than a company, but a family. I know that Mike will be a Governor who will put people first and help our state grow.”

- Aaron

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Meet Mike

Mike Hamra was born and raised in Springfield. He is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor. Mike is a dedicated business leader who believes in investing in his employees and the communities they serve.

Since taking over as CEO, the family business has grown from 26 locations to nearly 200 locations based on a simple philosophy: when you invest in your employees and your communities, your business will grow.

Mike has also raised millions for kids charities, especially those dedicated to fighting childhood illnesses. Mike also has experience in the public sector. Earlier in his career, Mike was appointed by President Clinton to help his administration connect schools, libraries, and healthcare organizations across America.

Mike and his wife, Eileen, live in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri with their four children and two rescue dogs.

Mike’s campaign will focus on delivering for the people of Missouri, including:

  • Strengthening our workforce
  • Helping small businesses grow
  • Training workers to attract the high-wage, high tech jobs of the future
  • Refocusing education to produce the next generation of innovators
  • Lowering the cost of raising a family
  • Finding new ways to make childcare and healthcare more affordable
  • Restoring the right for women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions